Rajasthan Fashion Week

The Rajasthan Fashion Week to be held in the capital of Rajasthan is designed to bring out the aesthetic values of the country’s fashion with the civilization, culture and dress of the state. RFW is the best way to show our cultural heritage to the world through garments with a little pinch of glamour and fashion.

Jaipur Model after the impressive success of Jaipur Valentine’s Fashion showcase, Rainy Fashion Showcase and Navratra Look Book in Rajasthan, is coming back with Rajasthan Fashion Week.

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Day one begins with modelling practices and the other two will be PRIME SHOW TIME OF RFW. Rajasthan Fashion Week is an amazing step towards the integration of traditional and modern ensemble patterns of motifs, textiles and crafted masterpieces.

It shows the uniqueness of Indian fashion designers by positioning them on the runway with outstanding creativity. Rajasthan Fashion Week is the platform that not only promotes new talent but creates a new era versatile approach in terms of fashion.

At RFW, fashion designers and their business houses will showcase their latest collections at the Runway Fashion Show for buyers and media. RFW will try to keep pace with the ever-changing trend of people in fashion and accessories, as well as fashion in the post-Corona era the world is moving forward with a natural desire to show and feel good in the changing socio-economic realm of the country.

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Rajasthan Fashion Week is a major event in the country’s fashion industry, which is for about a week, these events affect the trends of the current and upcoming sessions in fashion trends.

RFW will be a week-long colourful event full of traditional apparel style and latest fashion activities where models, designers, jewellers and makeup artists from different states of the country will present their talents on stage here with new people meeting established people and learning from sharing experiences that work for them to shape their careers.


  • Fashion Fraternity
  • Royal Families
  • Bollywood Guests Socialites
  • Politicians
  • Media Group
  • Editors
  • Industrialists

Rajasthan Fashion Week

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