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JAIPUR MODEL is growing-up as a Fashion Hub in Rajasthan for the last 5 years. Jaipur is increasing as a focal point Modelling/Fashion Industry. Fashion pundits predict that soon Jaipur will surpass Mumbai to become the style capital of India, because of its rich heritage, deep cultural roots and most importantly the talented youth which is the main & important segment of the economy pursuing Rajasthan dressing style & Fashion as a career.

In the World of Professional Modeling Jaipur Model holds its own distinct identity, just like the Jaipur Model has also been spreading Rajasthan civilization, beauty and dress for the past many years.

During the past years, Jaipur Model has organized successfully serval adventure shoots, fitness shoot, conceptual model shoot and beauty pageant Shows. Jaipur Model is doing many social activities for the last few years for fashion lovers in the field of modelling.

Here are some of our prestigious shows/activities done by the Jaipur Model successfully

Jaipur Valentines Fashion Show

In February, the whole Pink City celebrates valentine in Jaipur. A variety of activities are organized in the city for Valentine's Day celebrations, our "Jaipur Valentine's Day Fashion Show" is the biggest event of valentine in Jaipur. In which valentines theme-based fashion shows are performed in different beautiful locations of Jaipur every year. In this event, the city's couples is seen to walk the ramp in stylish wear, including titles like Mr. Valentine, Miss Valentine, and Mrs. Valentine. In addition, awards for best walk, photogenic, best outfit are also given to the participants.

Pinkcity Calendar

Every year, in the Pinkcity calendar, models showcase Rajasthani civilization, culture and heritage in the look with the latest traditional outfits, jewellery, makeup track on different pages of 12 months with the delicacy of tradition and heritage to connect Rajasthani civilization and culture with modern lifestyle.

Fashion Show

Rainy Fashion Showcase

“Rainy Fashion Showcase” is organised in Jaipur to celebrate the rainy season of Rajasthan and showcase the especially worn outfits in the rainy season for jaipurites. The “Rainy Fashion Show” award’s fashion icons, Mr Rainy’s fashion, Rainy Kid Fashion and Mrs Rainy fashion titles are given every year.

Fashion Show

Jaipur Model-Fashionista 2020

Jaipur Model Fashionista 2020 was one of the biggest Fashion Show in Jaipur where Models and Designers from all over India showcased their talent. We the team of Jaipur Model India is formulated to promote new and existing ventures related to the fashion & Style industry. We are a group of like-minded and creative individuals from the world of fashion, style, media, business and the corporate sector which allows us with immense scope of experts in various Fields.

Fashion Show

Jaipur Model Conceptual Photo Shoots Activities

Here are some of our different types of activities…

Fashion Show

We The Team Of Jaipur Model is Formulated To Promote New And Existing Ventures Related To The Fashion & Ramp Model Industry. We Are A Group Of Like-Minded And Creative Individuals From The World Of Fashion, Style, Media, Business And The Corporate Sector Which Allows Us With Immense Scopes Of Expertise In Various Fields.

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